Safety and the Environment


The Water Systems QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety & Environmental) System is an integral part of our Company culture. The Company views QHSE compliance as a primary management responsibility and key to business success. The QHSE system has the active commitment (and accountability) of all management, employees and contractors.

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    We place great emphasis in the high standards of quality of our products and services through the rigorous Quality Control and Assurance processes within the organization.

    Our team of experienced and hands-on industry professionals spare efforts in understanding the requirements of customers thus ensuring the best interest is served in all aspects of quality, delivery, service and cost.

    Our stringent selection of dedicated global supply and logistics partners who are quality leaders in their own right reflects our commitment to our long-term goal of social, economic and environmental sustainability.



    Water Systems ultimate goal is of making an injury-free and healthy place to work. We believe that injuries and work-related illnesses can and must be prevented and we strive to meet this target. We understand that healthy and safe practices at our facilities worldwide benefit our employees and customers.



    Water Systems integrate care for the environment into all our business management procedures, from the beginning of the project to the final delivery of products and services to our customers. We understand to the environment is a differentiating factor, a top priority for our customers. We work to minimize negative impact on the environment by continuously developing technology, practices and business opportunities that focus on sustainable development.